Resin Band

Three functions of aesthetics and insulation and protection

■ Applications
, It is a made of resin band which fix wall-the rolling floor starvation piping, and it also supports the lateral pulling stand-pipe.
As a feature of the resin, it is superior in appearance of the exposed pipes in indoor and protection of insulation resistance and tube.

● Please use the indoor plumbing in principle.
● In the case of type to hang to support the lateral pulling pipe, in connection with the Turnbuckle, please use the bolts and nuts of stainless steel or plated. In that case, please adhere to 1.5 within the support interval.
● In the case of Type to be set up to support as steadying the stand pipe, please use it to adhere to the foot of the pedestal round accessories, round bar, and cap. The support interval in that case is narrow than usual.

SC Resin Lifting
Saddle band & pedestal

You can choose from 9 colors!
You can find adaptable pipe and size-fit tube diameter at a glance!
Construction became easier!

Feature 1
Adaptable pipe diameter and the tube size fit
with the notation! (Part designation)

Feature 2
Because it has written a fit pedestal NO, so seat selection is simple!

Feature 3
"Marking" was adopted in the center four directions!

Feature 4
It has "hole counterbore" as the screw hole, so it looks clear!

Feature 5
To small diameter from large diameter, its construction became easier
It has "softness", so construction became easier.
※ In the case of VP16