Fire extinguishing equipment

anti-vibration equipment for Sprinkler

■ Applications
・It is the anti-vibration bracket for supporting unwinding tube to install a Fire Sprinklers head within ceilling frame.
・You can get various metal fittings to use iris tube, in the unwinding flexible pipe.

MD-IC unwind band type center bracket
Center bracket combined type

Though it is firmly fixed size free

Feature 1
Size Free
It is used at the corner bar in the center bracket corresponding to the unwinding unwinding pipe, flexible pipe.

Feature 2
Firmly fixed and captive
3 point stop mechanism of its own, it is most suitable for octagonal tube and different-diameter pipe.

MD-IS unwind band type side bracket
Side one-touch fitting type

One-touch clip which corner bar stops diagonally

Feature 1
One-touch mounting
Adopted a strong spring material of their own, wearing is available at the touch of a button.

Feature 2
Adjustable angle
Angle adjustment within a certain range is also available.