It prevents heat loss and condensation of piping support section

■ Applications
・It is the insulation that supports bracket of hot and cold water pipes, cold water pipe, refrigerant pipe, hot water pipes, steam pipes, and liquefied gas pipe, etc..
・Load-supporting material, such as a tank, equipment that require insulation. (Sleeper board)

○It complys with public building construction standard specifications. (Sleeper L)
○Flame-retardant is excellent.
○It can be used in a wide temperature range.
○Little water absorption, moisture absorption. (Sleeper L M M5)
○It prevents deterioration of the performance of the pipe.
○It can cope with the expansion and contraction of the pipe and labor-saving heat insulation work.

●It cause insufficient strength and degradation of product, please do not use one of our recommended use temperature outside.
●Please do not apply sudden extreme loading, and extreme concentrated loading.
●In case of welding and cutting, to avoid the lisk of combustion, please do not touch the fire for a long time. ( Sleeper L, M, M5)
●Performance decreases gradually by repeating dry and wet, so please do not wet. In the worst case,it can't hold the piping. (Sleeper V)

Sleeper selection chart

Type of fluid
・Cold water,Cold/hot water,Hot water,
Refrigerant pipe(freezing, refrigerating),
Cooling water
・Feedback water
・Steam plumbing
・Ultra-low temperature
piping(LNG, etc.)
・Large-aperture piping
・Piping requiring heat-insulation
thickness of over 50mm
(brine piping, copper pipe, etc.

Up to 100℃ Up to 850℃

Piping material
Copper pipe
Steel pipe pipe
Stainless steel pipe

・Pedestal type
・Hanger type
・Base type
・Roller type
・Pedestal type
・Hanger type
・Roller type
・Pedestal type
・Base type

Standard physical properties of insulation sleeper

■Standard physical properties of insulation sleeper
・Sleeper type
・Physical properties
・Densities (kg/m3)
・Thermal conductivity W/m.k(kcal/m.h.゜C)
・Compression strength N/cm2(kgf/cm2)
・Bending strength N/cm2(kgf/cm2)
・Tensile strength N/cm2(kgf/cm2)
・Water absorption (g/100cm2)
・Combustibility(Oxygen coefficient %)
・Continuous operating temperature( ゜C)

(Note) ( )The values in parenthesis are given for reference.
*1For application requiring heat resistance, consult the maker separately.
*2Authorized non-combustible material No.: NM-8802
*3For short-time application, the piping support of type-L assures the desired strength at the temperature ofup
to 120゜C, and that of type-M assures the desired strength at the temperature of up to 100゜C respectively.

■Temperature and compression strength of sleeper
・Compression strength:( N/cm2)
*This value shows only an example of measurement value, but is not a standard value.

■Features of sleeper-L
The sleeper-L is a product compatible with the standard public building work specification.
The standard public work building work specification(Public Buildings Association, Corp.) stipulates that the hanging bands, etc. for cooling water and cold/hot water piping should use the supports made of synthetic resin,and the super-L is designed to be compatible with such regulation.
●Extraction from the 2013-version standard public building workspecification (mechanical equipment work)
・Extraction from paragraph 2.2.31Synthetic resin support(1)
The support is compatible with hard urethane foam in accordance with the JIS A-9511
(plastic foam heat-insulation m aterial), It has an excellent heat-insulation characteristic in
spite of a density of over 300kg/mand compression strength of over 4.5MPa, and is
also acceptable from the viewpoint of the combustion testing method-B.
・Extraction from paragraph 2.4.2
Supports such as hanging bands, etc. used for cooling water piping and cold/hot water piping shall be made of synthetic resin.                                                              ●The sleeper-L is applicable within a wide piping temperature range of -110℃〜100℃.
●The sleeper-L provides an excellent balance between heat-insulation performance and compression strength.
Since it consists of independent and extremely fine air bubble cells, it ensures an excellent heat-insulationperformance and compression strength which are the most important features of a support material for heatinsulated piping.                                                       ●Extremely excellent flame-retardant
The product is made of isocyanurate foam which is highly incombustible compared to other hard urethane foams characterized by a high flame retardant property (oxygen index: 28%) and is approved according to JIS A9511(combustion testing method B).
■Applications of sleeper-L
●The sleeper-L is used for cooling water, hot water and hot/cold water piping.
Piping used for equipment at governmental offices, hospitals, commercial facilities, hotels, banks, etc.
●The sleeper-L is also used for piping for refrigerants (freezing, refrigerating, etc.)
Piping used in food factories, refrigeration warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, commercial facilities, etc.
●The sleeper-L is also used for the cold/hot piping for brine lines, etc.
■Sleeper-L usage precautions
・Never attempt to use the product within non-specified working temperature ranges, as this may result in insufficient strength, product deterioration, etc.
・Avoid subjecting it to highly concentrated loads or sudden loadings.
・The sleeper-L is designed as a flame-retardant type, however, be careful not to allow it to make contact with the flame during welding or fusion, as allowing it to make contact with the flame for a long time may cause it to be burnt.

■Features Sleeper M M5
● The piping temperature, you can use a wide range of up to +100 ℃ -196 ℃ ~.
There is a discoloration that is generated in the long-term use at temperatures above +80 ℃ piping fluid temperature in the pipe support applications, up to +100 ℃ holds the support strength.
I kept cool until stable fluid of ultra-low temperature of LNG LPG.
● Little water absorption, moisture absorption.
Because of high closed cell content, water absorpution and moisture absorpution are little.
● It can be manufactured in wide range, such as the product of large-diameter and thick thermal insulation thickness of the product. In accordance with the request of the customer, it will be processed into various shapes.
■Use of Sleeper M M5
● brine piping and refrigerant piping (frozen, chilled or) cold water, hot and cold water piping
Food factories, cold storage warehouse, cold storage warehouses, super, hospitals and various commercial facilities for piping
LPG plant piping and (DHC) LNG ship petrochemical plants and district heating and cooling
■Note : sleeper M M5
It is because insufficient strength, the degradation product, please do not use one of our recommended use temperature outside.
Please do not apply extreme concentrated load, a sudden load.
The Sleeper M M5, because there is a risk of burning to be a long time in contact with the flame of welding and Cutting, etc., please do not touch the fire.

■Features of sleeper-V
●It prevents heat loss from piping and save the energy.
・Because of the sleeper-V has an excellent heat-insulation performance, it is used to contain heat and prevent its diffusion
through the piping support. As a result, It reduces emissions of CO2, etc, and It contributes to the protection of the environment.
●The sleeper-V has an excellent compression strength.
●The sleeper- providesV has an extremely high compression strength, which is most essential for a piping support material.
●The sleeper-V is resistant to high temperature.
●The sleeper-V is a product which can be used within a wide temperature range comprised between Ambient temperature and 850℃".
●The sleeper-V is made of a fully non-combustible material.
・Since the sleeper-V mainly consists of inorganic substance of vermiculite are fully non-combustible.
●The sleeper-V protects the piping against performance deterioration.
・Since the piping requires no welding, it is possible to prevent it from damage due to deterioration, thermal fatigue or thermal stress.
●The sleeper-V saves energy in heat-insulation work.
・Since the insulation installation work on the piping support is made easier, it is possible to shorten the installation work duration.
●The sleeper-V protects the environment.
・The sleeper-V prevents the thermal diffusion through piping and pipe shoe, thus greatly contributing to the environment protection.
■Application of sleeper-V
●The sleeper-V is used for steam piping and high-temperature piping.
・rrangement of plant equipment, regional heating/cooling unit(DHC), gas turbine, boiler equipment, etc.
■Sleeper-V usage precautions
●Avoid wetting the product.
●Allowing the product to be wetted/dried repeatedly may lead to a gradual deterioration of the performance. In the worse, it also causing the piping to be unsupported in the worst case.
●Keep the product protected after completion of installation until the exterior work is completed, to prevent it from being wetted.
■Note : sleeper V ●NO WETTING
●Do not attempt to slide the piping on the sleeper-V.
・It is advised to install the product slowly from the upper side without sliding it on the piping during execution of piping work.
●Keep the product stored in a low-temperature place.

■The use of Sleeper V, 1 place per, it becomes the energy saving of about 6.9 million kJ year. (80A, 400 ℃, 8,000 hours)

● Sleeper V is insulated piping support device that is developed to a significant savings in energy which has escaped by conventional construction methods in high-temperature pipe.
● In order to support method in the high-temperature piping of conventional shoe is welded directly to the pipe as shown at right, heat will escape easily by conduction, radiation. In addition, to increase the temperature of the surroundings due to the heat ran away from the rack, etc., and can lead to environmental degradation.
● The following shows an example of the energy-saving effect when using the Sleeper V and the conventional method, but significant savings can be expected. In addition, with the energy-saving effect, it can be expected a significant reduction in CO2.

<Energy saving example (V type)>
[ Condition ]
Pipe diameter: 80A
Thermal insulation thickness: 100mm
Tube temperature: 400 ℃
Outside air temperature: 20 ℃
Length support: 200mm
Annual operating time: 8,000 h
[ Energy savings ]
Conventional method: 1,137 [kJ]
V type: 274 [kJ]
(1,137 − 274) × 8,000[ h] = 6,904,000[ kJ]
[ Conventional construction type ]
Heat loss per hour (200mm length support)
200mm: Height (exposed height: 100mm)
Material: carbon steel (t = 9mm)
Thermal insulation materials: calcium silicate (No. 1 -13)
⇒Therefore, V type is energy saving of 6,904,000 [kJ] per year.

<Conventional construction type>
Lagging material
Heat dissipation section

<Sleeper V construction type>
Sleeper V

The heat dissipation situation by infrared camera
Construction in the prior art
Sleeper V example of construction
Photo equipment
Piping area
Support Department

Construction in the prior art. Sleeper V example of construction.
Same as on the left of the infrared camera.

Construction Since the conventional welded directly to the support section in the pipe,
Heat is also transmitted to the frame as well as support department.