Installation Materials For Airconditioners

Drain Hoses / Pre-insulated Copper Pipes / Piping Cover

Piping Cover

Resistant to discoloration.Excellent weather resistance.
Easy installation with cover mounting guide.
Easily attached wall hole cover that will not fall off when you let go of it. The wall cover is fitted with a "band pass-through hole" for securing pipes.
The screw holes are a special shape.
Simply push the screws in and they will not fall out.
The duct fitting holes can be opened easile with a slotted screwdriver or similar.
The special screws are made of SUS and stick to magnetic driver pits.

Pre-insulated Copper Pipes

Uses flame retardant insulation material. the 2-layer structure consisting of heat-resistant polyethylene foam and highly foamed polyethylene provides excellent heat retention.
The surface of the insulation has a flat embossed shape that prevents slipping when applying non-adhesive tape.

Drain Hoses

Increase accuracy of installation.
There is no irregularity on the inner surfaceSmooth drainage
Adopt transparent fittings
Check piping and water flow
Insulation protection cover included
Prevent crimping from crushing the hose
Less bonding sites
Reduce construction defects
Heat insulation cover for fitting included
Connection hose band included
Prevent condensation on joint
It is also possible to connect with a hose band
or to connect with a glue

Efficient construction
Fitting installed Hose body and insulation are united

Easy to maintain
Connection hose band includeded

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