Hanging Band・Turnbuckle

Super M of round and round together around prevention

■ Applications
・The various piping such as steel pipe, PVC pipe, is a support bracket crosscut pipe is suspended from the ceiling.
・Band Suspended By Turnbuckle inserted (screwing) the bolts hanging, became a set and Turnbuckle under a load of vertical direction, to support the piping.

Usage example
Bolt Suspended
Band hanging
Bolt Suspended
Band hanging

● Please use only the reference diameter or even tan size and bolt diameter to select the size that matches the pipe weight, and hanging protect the support interval that meets the criteria band hanging.
● Please screwed until you pass through the nut whenever you install the Turnbuckle to bolt hanging.
● Please use it to protect the use within the allowable static load of the product.

Hanging Band Super M
Various ideas to make Glad devised varied! Super M Series

(Hinged Uniqlo plating products up to 200A) each band SGP15A ~ 100A and stainless steel Uniqlo plated bolt together around protection with up offers a wide Super M Series.

Feature 1
Together around protection
Together around prevention of our company is sleek looks with no metal piece and projection.
It prevents bolt together around when the bolt is tightened the nut to take root corner.

Feature 2
Easy insertion function of the nut Nut adoption is smooth because of Tip of the rod-shaped bolt.

Feature 3
Captive function
The bolt which was passed through a captive seal does not fall off at the time of construction. SC Turnbuckle prevents inadvertent bolt inside of a fingernail. It is devised for the safety of work and work more efficiently and effectively.

Piping installation example