Standing Band・mounting foot

"SSuper M of smoothly Tip of the rod-shaped bolt

■ Applications
・ It is the support of the retaining bracket for deflection of the steel pipe, PVC pipe and various other pipe, in the pipe stand.
・The Screw the mounting foot to anchor, etc. that were driven into the wall, by setting the Standing Band and support the anti-vibration.

Usage example
Anchor class
mounting foot class
Standing Band

● Standing Band does not give support in a standing band itself the weight of the pipe stand.
Please use it with other fixed method of supporting.
●To use in outdoors, please use those obtains the anti-corrosive treatment or stainless steel.

Easy construction! ! Super M Series

Feature 1
Captive bolt function of by adopting a captive seal

Feature 2
Together around protection of bolt
It does not around together because of adoption of Sumine bolt

Feature 3
Easy insertion function of the nut
By adoption of Tip of the rod-shaped bolt, the nut is tied more smoothly.