Bracket for A/C Piping

Men Guard prevents condensation

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■ Applications
・It is a bracket to support the air conditioning pipe coated copper tube, such as a drain pipe.
・As a result of increasing the pressure receiving area by using the receiver pipe surface guard, coating material is prevented from damage.

Men Guard is a product compatible with the standard public building work specification.
Extraction from the 2013-version standard public building work
specification (mechanical equipment work)
Excerpt from 2.4.6
Refrigerant piping
To prevent biting of insulation material due to its own weight, a protective plate is provided between the hardware and hanging insulation material-coated copper tube as received material support for hanging refrigerant pipe.
Excerpt from 2.2.31
Protecting plate
It is assumed that forms a curved surface corresponding to the refrigerant tube, it is possible to prevent the biting of the insulating material by the hardware unit hanging. Protecting plate is made of a synthetic resin or the like.

Please use it to protect the use within the allowable static load of the product.
Men Guard (resins) is for indoor use.

Bracket for A/C Refrigerant Piping
SC keep hanger
Temporary placement formula
Band type Suspended
New product
STOP! Dew condensation

Men Guard specification
※ Men Guard will be sold separately.

Feature 1
Temporary placement level adjustment & STOP! Dew condensation
By increasing the position of the hinge, the construction of the temporary placement is excellent!
It is most suitable to prevent dew condensation, in combination with Men Guard!

Feature 2
Easy bolt! & Nut does not fall
Can be installed without removing the nut by the adoption of the gourd hole!
There is no worry of the nut falling off by caulking bolt tip!

Feature 3
Easy! "Level adjustment"
Level adjustment of the pipe after installation is simple because the Turnbuckle system!

Feature 4
Together around prevention!

Feature 5
Solidly supported by the overall length 200mm

Feature 1
Easily! Temporary placement level adjustment
By increasing the position of the hinge, the construction of the temporary placement is excellent!

Features 4
Together around prevention!