Anti-Vibration Bracket for A/C Equipment

To stop the swing in the X Y Z M

SC keep bracket series
SC keep OX bracket
Solidly mounted with bolts and nuts!
SC keep Y bracket single sided
Round ring type
Type 2 debuts!
SC keep Y bracket single sided
Turnbuckle type
SC keep X bracket
Full Thread intersection construction for
SC keep Y bracket
Double sided type
For retrofitting
For Initial Installation
Ideal for bracing duct, channel, angle, such as a rack!
SC keep Z bracket
For retrofitting
For Initial Installation
The use of anti-vibration equipment
SC keep M bracket for retrofitting
The use of anti-vibration equipment

■ Applications
These are used for anti-vibration for bracing equipment suspension of ceiling, rack, such as a pipe.

A attached washer always use for product which attached washer.

● SC keep OX bracket SC keep Y Round ring type
Usage example
Firmly attached! Angle freedom!
SC Memori Mie-ru Kunn Hand thread unnecessary two-barreled use!
Stop for all screw tightening can swing!

● SC keep X bracket
Usage example
One-touch Easy!
Adjustment and mounting
Prevent deflection!
Hand thread-free!

● SC keep Z bracket
Usage example
Tailored fixed!

Anti-vibration bar air-conditioning equipment for
SC keep OX bracket
New product

Captive bolts and nuts!

Feature 1
Firmly attached!
Solidly bolted + welded nut!
Anti-loosening spring washer specifications!

Feature 2
Processing "claws" not to slip!
Wherever you use it, it can be fixed steadily because it has the "claws" of all screw contact surface!
※ The image view

Feature 3
Mounting angle is flexible!
The 45 ° ~ 90 ° to the status of all screws that cross
Can be installed in!

Feature 4
Construction of ballistic!
Since the spring washer and washer are integral to the bolt, you don't have to worry about parts falling off!
By "the same surface construction", mounting from the outside is simple!