Angle bracket channel

"SC angle of construction Easy assembly

■ Applications
These are angle, channel, bracket, and mount which improve work efficiency without cutting, drilling, and welding.
・It has been long drilling processed, so if you use fitting bolts nuts and cutting for the required dimensions., you can do piping working easier.

Super bracket
Feature:Function and Beauty
・Arched brace (support section) was adopted!
・Piping through is also ""easily"".
・It has a beautiful R curve.

● During processing, such as cutting Hot-Dip Galvanizing products, please go to repair processing burr processing hot-dip galvanizing for repair spray (such as global).
● When you use the SC fitting, please do the size selection (steel) based on the specifications.
● When you use the triangular bracket, please do size selection (steel) based on the specifications."